Annabelle Rogers Mommy and Son Almost Caught By Daddy4K

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Description: This is a Mommy/Son virtual sex scenario (no male involvement whatsoever and no toy use or anything; all sex is implied and virtual). The scenes are up close and intimate with face closeups, eye contact, virtual kissing, and a focus on my face and boobs. The scene begins in the son's bedroom as I come in to wake you up to get ready for school, I enter and sit at the edge of the bed, while exposing a ton of cleavage. I'm extremely flirty as I try to wake you up, kissing you and shoving my tits right in your face. You ask what's wrong with me and it's revealed that you accidentally sent a dick pic that was intended for a girl in my class to mommy instead last night. You're embarrassed, but I admit that I've wanted to fuck you ever since you've come of age, but didn't know what to do, and seeing my son's huge dick in that accidental dick pic has finally sent me over the edge. I reveal that dad and I have had a sexless marriage for years and I've been neglected for so long. I'm a horny, neglected mommy that craves her son's touch. We start kissing and playing with my boobs. Suddenly, I hear dad approaching and rush to put my top back on, but accidentally leave one of my tits hanging out. I act surprised that my tit is hanging out and quickly put it back in (whoops! how'd that get out!?), quickly telling dad that I'm keeping you home from school today because you're "not feeling well". Once he leaves we fuck cowgirl. As we're fucking, we suddenly hear dad downstairs! I notice he left his phone and has returned to get it. With no time to cover up, we quietly sneak to the master bedroom. We fuck missionary this time with dad just down the hall getting his phone. We fuck as quietly as we can, trying to make sure dad doesn't catch us, with me trying to contain my moans. Eventually, we hear dad starting to approach the room. We panic and quickly sneak to the bathroom together, where we fool around even more and dad knocks on the door to question us. I quietly laugh once dad leaves. We go back to the bedroom, to fuck in cowgirl. I notice my phone ringing, it's dad calling. I'm annoyed at him for continuing to interrupt our mommy/son fuck session and answer, immediately trying to get him to stop calling. He apologizes for accusing us of fucking behind his back. Then, we kiss and I decide that I want to ride you until you cum inside of me. Since dad is getting home early from work we decide to shower up and get clean so dad doesn't smell the sex on us. We hop in the shower together and get each other all soaped up. Dad knocks on the door surprising us and questioning if we are showering together. I stroke your cock in the shower a bit and we rinse off and mommy tells you how much she loves you